Enzyme bioprospecting

Bioprospecting is a multidisciplinary field that involves the exploration and utilization of biodiversity to discover novel biological resources with diverse applications. Enzyme bioprospecting has led to the discovery of biocatalysts with diverse applications. Enzymes from natural sources can exhibit unique properties, such as high catalytic efficiency, specificity, and stability, which make them valuable for various industrial processes, including biofuel production, food processing, and waste management.

Our experienced team works closely with customers to develop custom enzymatic reactions, and deliver superior results. With our expertise in enzyme bioprospecting we will assist you to find just the right enzyme candidate for your desired reaction - with tailored reaction properties. Contact us for more details.

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Benefit from BioNukleo's expertise in the production of difficult-to-express proteins and let us produce your custom protein for you. We cover all steps from expression vector design to purified protein in mg scale. We may also assist in scale-up.

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