Contract research

Achieve more sustainable and cost-effective nucleoside or nucleotide synthesis by implementing nature's own catalysts. Together we will find a solution to create your desired fine-chemical or improve and facilitate your existing process.

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Functional screening

Make use of our expertise and save time selecting the right enzyme combination for your desired reaction. We take pride in providing excellent technical support and customer service, ensuring that our customers receive comprehensive assistance with enzyme selection, process optimization, and troubleshooting.

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Enzyme bioprospecting

Our experienced team works closely with customers to develop custom enzymes, and deliver superior results. We will assist you to find just the right enzyme candidate tailored to your desired process properties.

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Custom protein production

Benefit from BioNukleo's expertise in the production of difficult-to-express proteins and let us produce your custom protein for you. We cover all steps from expression vector design to purified protein in mg scale. We may also assist in scale-up.

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