BioNukleo was at the EMBO workshop "Enzymes, biocatalysis and chemical biology: The new frontiers" on September 9-12, 2018, in Pavia (Italy)

The 4-day EMBO workshop was all about enzymes including the topics of basic enzymology, enzyme applications and assays methods. During the big poster sessions there was enough time for discussions and to have a look at all 127 posters. Having awesome weather, it was a great idea of the organizers to set up the posters in one of the large courtyards of the University of Pavia.

BioNukleo Was at the 14th Nucleic Acids Forum on July 6, 2018, in London (UK)

Mostly PhD students presented their latest findings involved in the study of nucleic acids in short talks or as a poster. Topics ranged from the investigation of protein-nucleic acids interactions, mechanism of replication and crystal structures to the development of assay methods. The forum was a great opportunity to meet new collaboration partners. Thanks to the Royal Society of Chemistry for the excellent organisation of this interesting day.

BioNukleo was at the Cross-Innovation Workshop Laborautomation on June 28, 2018, in Berlin (Germany)

Participants from industry, research institutions and universities presented and discussed already established applications and future plans of lab automatization systems. The application fields include screening, sample preparation, process regulation, data analysis and documentation. The company MVZ Labor 28 represented by Michael Müller impressively showed the possibility to reduce transport steps and ensure full access to samples by a “sample transport highway”. Furthermore, BioNukleo’s advisory board member Prof. Dr. Peter Neubauer presented the lab of the future of TU Berlin.

BioNukleo was at BIONNALE on June 20, 2018, in Berlin (Germany)

 The largest networking event for life sciences in the German capital region again was a great opportunity to meet new and old collaboration partners and get updated on current local research. At the same time, year after year more international visitors are attracted. Thanks to Berlin Partner and others for the excellent program, especially the organization of the 1x1 meetings.

BioNukleo WAS at "Achter Innovationskongress Chemie und Biotechnologie" on May 30, 2018, in Magdeburg (Germany)

Members of industry and academic research met in Festung Mark for interesting presentations and discussions on innovations in chemistry and biotechnology. Topics ranged from optimized material and energy cycles to continuous drug production using flow chemistry. The company SmartMembranes GmbH, represented by one of the two female founders Monika Lelonek showed a great example of innovative technology (membranes on silicon/alumina basis with precise pore sizes) that offers diverse application possibilities like virus separation, antibacerial surfaces or microfuel cells. 

BioNukleo WAS at German Biotechnology Days 2018 in Berlin ON April 18-19th

 Among the highlights of this years "Biotechnologietage" were the lively discussion between biotech company representative Dr. Mariola Söhngen (Mologen AG) and several members of the German Bundestag as well as minister Peter Altmaier's appearance who emphasized the importance of biotechnology for the German economy. Fascinating scientific topics included future food (will it be based on insects and algae?) and the human microbiome (are changes cause or effect of illnesses?).

BioNukleo was on „Research Summit 2018“ in Berlin on April 17th

Once a year perspectives for the future of the German research and innovation system are discussed on the Research Summit. At this year's summit, Federal Minister of Education and Research Anja Karliczek announced the creation of an Innovation Agency for Jump Innovations, which should be equipped with extraordinary degrees of freedom and thus facilitate start-ups.

Statement of Dr. Katharina Paulick to the situation of founders in Germany on the Research Summit 2018.

BioNukleo's CEO Katharina contributed to the podium discussion "Unternehmerinnen!" about female directors on January 18th 2018 in Berlin

Stephanie Bschorr (President of Verband deutscher Unternehmerinnen e. V. (VdU), Berlin),  Dr. Konstanze Koepff-Röhrs (Entrepreneur, Dr. Werner Röhrs KG, Sonthofen), Dr. Julia Rosendahl (CEO of PerformaNat GmbH, Berlin), Caroline von Möller (CEO of Fenne Baugesellschaft mbH, Gladbeck) and Katharina Paulick (CEO BioNukleo) discussed about female entrepreneuship in Germany. The Alphazirkel GmbH organized the discussion. 

BioNukleo presented its enzymatic technology for the production of modified nucleosides and nucleotides on the Peptalk IN SAN DIEGO (January 8-12th, 2018)