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BioNukleo produces a broad spectrum of nucleoside, nucleotide, and sugar modifying enzymes. We have built an extensive enzyme library that includes both selective and promiscuous enzymes working under a wide variety of conditions (e.g. temperature or solvent stable enzymes).

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ATP regeneration systems

Many enzymatic reactions require ATP as a co-substrate, and the availability of ATP can be a limiting factor in biocatalytic processes. To overcome this challenge, ATP regeneration systems have been developed, enabling sustainable and cost-effective biocatalytic synthesis.

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Use our enzymatically produced pentose-1-phosphates as universal substrate for the  glycosylation of (modified) nucleobases with nucleoside phosphorylases to create (modified) nucleosides.

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Phosphate detection

Detect phosphate levels and monitor phosphate containing reactions by utilizing biocatalysis in the PUB assay.

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