Enzymatic synthesis of modified nucleosides and nucleotides


BioNukleo set up enzyme libraries for nucleoside phoshorylases and nucleoside/nucleotide kinases. The enzymes are well characterized and possess a large substrate promiscuity. Detailed protocols were developed which enable customers to produce nucleoside and nucleotide analogues which high yields and excellent purity.



BioNukleo offers the development of custom-specific synthesis routes for the enzymatic production of modified nucleosides and nucleotides. Furthermore, BioNukleo offers customized contract research.


BioNukleo offers a wide variety of enzymes and detailed protocols for the custom-specific synthesis of natural and modified nucleosides and nucleotides. To enhance nucleoside synthesis sugar-1-phosphates are also available.


Save time using BioNukleo's service for automated image analysis! Time-consuming manual analysis is no longer necessary,  let your images analyze and start the next experiment the next day!


BioNukleo will be at "Achter Innovationskongress Chemie und Biotechnologie" on May 30th 2018 in Magdeburg (Germany)

BioNukleo will be at the EMBO workshop "Enzymes, biocatalysis and chemical biology: The new frontiers" on September 9-12, 2018, in Pavia (Italy)