BioNukleo - combining biocatalysis and nucleosides

Enzymatic synthesis of nucleosides, nucleotides, and their derivatives

At BioNukleo, we harness the power of enzymes to provide sustainable solutions for the synthesis of various fine chemicals, focusing on nucleoside and nucleotide derivatives and related compounds. By combining our extensive knowledge about biocatalysis and nucleosides we can provide custom biocatalytic solutions with high selectivity and reduced environmental impact, aligning with the demand for sustainable chemical manufacturing. Contact us today to experience the power of biocatalysis in driving your success.

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Achieve more sustainable and cost-effective nucleoside or nucleotide synthesis by implementing nature's own catalysts. Together we will find a solution to create your desired fine-chemical or improve and facilitate your existing process.

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Biocatalysis is not new to you and you know what you're looking for? Choose from over 50 enzymes in our catalogue and purchase directly from our webshop.

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New to biocatalysis or unsure what to pick? We take pride in providing excellent technical support and customer service, ensuring that our customers receive comprehensive assistance with enzyme selection, process optimization, and troubleshooting.

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Are you in need of a special catalyst or a specific enzyme property, that is not yet part of our catalogue? We will assist you to find the right enzyme candidate and produce it for you. Our experienced team works closely with customers to optimize processes, develop custom enzymes, and deliver superior results. 

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Are you looking for a collaboration? We actively collaborate with academic institutions and industry partners to raise awareness about biocatalysis and drive the scientific progress in the field.

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