BioNukleo - Your partner for enzymatic synthesis of modified nucleosides and nucleotides!

BioNukleo, a spin-off of Technische Universität Berlin, is a German biotech company developing new (chemo)enzymatic synthesis routes for nucleic acid derivatives.


BioNukleos technology is based on the use of biocatalysts for the efficient synthesis of nucleic acid derivative in one-pot and sustainable reactions.


Due to its strong competence in the expression of challenging proteins, BioNukleo set up enzyme libraries with wide substrate promiscuity. They allow for the production of a broad range of nucleoside and nucleotide analogs.


BioNukleo will be at BIONNALE on June 20, 2018, in Berlin (Germany)

BioNukleo will be at the 14th Nucleic Acids Forum on July 6, 2018, in London (UK)

BioNukleo will be at the EMBO workshop "Enzymes, biocatalysis and chemical biology: The new frontiers" on September 9-12, 2018, in Pavia (Italy)