Functional screening

Establishing an enzymatic reaction procedure can be tedious. The activity and reaction requirements of enzymes can vary greatly depending on the steric and chemical properties of different compounds, and the selection of the most favourable enzyme or enzyme combination, and the identification of suitable reaction conditions is highly recommended. Make use of our expertise and save time selecting the right enzyme combination for your desired reaction.

The selection of the correct enzyme depends on several factors:

  • enzyme activity towards specific modifications
  • single step or multi-step reaction
  • solubility concerns
  • purification concerns
  • if multi-step: enzyme compatibility and reaction conditions

By combining our expertise with semi-automated screening techniques, we can reliably identify which enzyme(s) out of our portfolio best suits your needs and at what conditions the desired product formation is most optimal. Through our custom solutions, we work closely with our partners and clients to optimize processes, develop custom enzymes, and deliver superior results. We take pride in providing excellent technical support and customer service, ensuring that our customers receive comprehensive assistance with enzyme selection, process optimization, and troubleshooting. 

Our Service at a Glance:

Compound screening

We will check if your custom modified nucleic acid derivative will be accepted as a substrate by any eligible enzyme in our portfolio.

Enzyme selection

We will identify which enzyme is best suited to perform your desired reaction and determine the reaction conditions required for optimal product formation.

Custom requirements

We will assist with combining multiple enzymes in a one-pot reaction as well as adapting to other special requirements, such as reaction temperature, solubility, or purification.

We value long-term partnerships and prioritize our customer's success in every aspect of our business. Contact us today to discuss how our expertise can drive your biocatalytic synthesis success!