Return Policy

BioNukleo reserves the right to inspect and test the Product objected in each case of a notification of defects by Customer. The Customer shall give us reasonable time and opportunity for such inspection. Upon our request, Customer shall return the item objected to us at our expense. If Customer’s notification of defects proves to be unjustified, Customer shall be obligated to reimburse us for all costs incurred in this context (e.g., inspection costs at an hourly rate of 150 EUR per hour, travel costs and shipment costs) upon submission of receipts.
Defects of partial deliveries shall not entitle Customer to reject the remainder of the contractual quantity unless Customer can prove that it would be unreasonable for Customer to accept only a part of the delivery under these circumstances.
Customer's warranty claims owing to defects as to quality of the Products and/or Services shall become time­barred six (6) months following the assumption of risk by Customer. The same shall apply to defects of title. For expendable materials (e.g. reagents based products and kits), the warranty period shall expire upon the earlier of the date set forth in the first sentence and the indicated use­by date of the Product (see Article 8.3, below). In the event of maliciously concealed or intentionally caused defects, the statutory limitation periods shall apply with regard to the Customer's damage claims and rights.