BioNukleo produces a broad spectrum of nucleoside, nucleotide, and sugar modifying enzymes. We have built an extensive enzyme library that includes both selective and promiscuous enzymes working under a wide variety of conditions (e.g. temperature or solvent stable enzymes). The enzymes are carefully selected to meet our customer's requirements. Our strong competence in expressing proteins with correct folding and modifications allows us to produce even super large or multi-subunit enzymes with correct folding.

Our current portfolio includes:

  • Oxidoreductase (EC
  • Pentosyltransferases (EC 2.4.2.X)
  • Phosphotransferases (EC 2.7.1/2/3/4.X)
  • Nucleotidyltransferases (EC 2.7.7.X)
  • N-Glycosylhydrolases (EC 3.2.2.X)
  • Intramolecular phosphotransferase (EC

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Our enzyme library is constantly growing, so be sure to check back regularily. If you have a specific request, that is not yet included in our shop, but fits in our portfolio, we are looking forward to your email!

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All enzymes are produced and sold for research purposes and in vitro use only.