BioNukleo produces a broad spectrum of nucleoside and nucleotide modifying enzymes. We have built an extensive enzyme library that includes both selective and promiscuous enzymes working under a wide variety of conditions (e.g. temperature or solvent stable enzymes). The enzymes were carefully selected to meet our customer's requirements. Our strong competence in expressing proteins with correct folding and modifications allows us to produce even super large or multi-subunit enzymes with correct folding.

Our enzyme library is constantly growing, if you have a specific request, that is not yet included in our portfolio, please contact us!


All enzymes are produced and sold exclusively for research purposes and in vitro use only. 


Do you need help choosing the right enzyme for your desired reaction? Please contact us or check out our enzyme activity screening service!


Nucleoside phosphorylases

catalyze the cleavage of nucleosides into nucleobase and ribose-1-phosphate as well as the reverse reaction. A combination of enzymes can be used to exchange bases in one reaction mix.

Example reaction:


Nucleoside kinases

catalyze the addition of phosphate groups to the 5' end of nucleosides. NKs add the first phosphate whereas NMPKs and NDPKs add the second and third phosphate group, respectively.

Example reaction:


Nucleoside hydrolases

or nucleoside N-ribohydrolases catalyze the hydrolytic cleavage of the N-glycosidic bond of nucleosides to yield free nucleobase and ribosugar. They can be used for salvaging.

Example reaction:


Sugar-modifying enzymes

Ribokinases catalyze the transfer of one phosphate group from ATP to D-ribose.

Phosphopentomutases catalyze the conversion of D-ribose-5-phosphate to α-D-ribose-1-phosphate and vice versa.

Example reaction: